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Below are sites that I have created or assisted in the creation of since 2000. For more information about a site, click on the site's name or screen image.

A majority of these sites were made while I worked for Brady Communications. Those sites were collaborative efforts of many people at that company. If a part of a site is not listed in the site credits, I did not participate in that part of that site's creation.

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Barbara Nelson Coaching

This was a quick site with a cimple-but-complex layout. Colored sections of each page bring up new information when the user mouses over them, allowing multiple "pages" to coexist. This site is almost completely CSS-driven, with the printable pages containing all the information a user would need.


I got called in to create the HTML for THISA (the Trusted Healthcare Information Solutions Alliance) when they redesigned and beefed up their site. The old site had very sparse information; this one is much more useful.


THISA needed to annouce their participation in the HIMSS Conference in mid-February 2005, and had a short deadline to get the mail designed and sent out. I assembled the e-mail (with minor variations depending on the audience) in less than a day so they could get it out two weeks before the conference.


Schwarz Brand Manifesto

Schwarz Pharma USA wanted to place its brand identity information online. Working with Kore Image, I programmed a site that allows users to see any information available, and certain users to administer the site. Each page is created dynamically from fragments stored in a SQL Server database that were created by the site's administrators.

Bone Tissue Engineering Center Intranet

A friend learned of BTEC's problems with a purely HTML-based intranet: They were using it to store their lab notebook entries online, and with no programming available they were forced to save Word files as HTML and manually update the site. They wanted that to change.

Using my friend's design I created a PHP-based system to add and retrieve data from a MySQL database. Users have varying levels of permission to make changes and additions to various portion of the site, including creating notebook entries and projects, and editing user information. Site administrators can also allow guest (read-only) permissions to outside researchers with an interest in certain projects. The project is ongoing; this is Phase I.


Prompt Gem Importers

Prompt Gem Importers is a gem import company in New York City. A friend recommended me for the job of designing and creating a database-driven shopping site. While there is no capability to accept credit cards, visitors can fill a shopping cart and receive invoices online and via e-mail. The site was completed and placed online, but never launched.


Kore Image

Kore Image had a Web site designed and implemented in Flash. They wanted an HTML version for accessibility and search engine usage. Working directly from the Flash design I re-created most of the functionality and look-and-feel using HTML and DHTML.

While my personal Web site ( provides me with ample opportunity to experiment with the PHP programming language and a platform to speak what's on my mind, the two parts of my site (personal vs. professional) didn't mix well. To correct this I created my professional site ( as a separate entity with a similar design.

JF ::

After graduating from CMU, my personal site "evaporated." To maintain at least some presence on the Web I put a few pages on Geocities, then opted to get an account at a service provider. My personal site ( now boasts a thought-of-the-day page that automatically updates, and a design that doesn't rely on using tables to lay out the page.


As Brady Communications took on more complicated projects, I realized the informal bug-tracking system in place wasn't up to the task. I programmed a tracking system in ASP to meet the need.

Based on the Mozilla project's "Bugzilla," the BugZapper is Access- or SQL Server-driven and can store bug reports, comments and resolutions for multiple projects. The system is made with smaller projects in mind but can scale almost indefinitely if it's on SQL Server.

Client WorkSpace

As Brady Communications grew, it and its clients wanted a more streamlined process to begin projects, file change orders, receive status updates and the like. This extranet is entirely database-driven and features multiple levels of user access priveleges. I created most of the HTML for the site and about a third of the ASP. (To meet a very aggressive deadline, multiple Web programmers contributed.)

I left the company shortly after WorkSpace launched, but if it's even coming close to living up to its potential it's working wonders already.

GNC Pro Performance

As part of the redesign of its Web sites, GNC contracted with Brady Communications to update the Pro Performance Web site ( The designers came up with a high-energy black-and-red design with multiple templates that I implemented and did all the ASP work for,

The new site does a better job of highlighting GNC's nutritional supplements and their athelete endorsers ("Team Pro Performance"), while providing more clear navigation for site visitors.



After launching their Web site in late 1999, Cellomics decided in mid-2001 to revamp the look and feel of their main site ( to place more of an emphasis on their products. With older browsers all but gone, we were able to implement DHTML menus for the site -- any section is available fromanywhere else. In addition to the menus, a very extensive system of cross-linking was introduced to point site visitors to other relevant information in the form of white pages, product notes, other product pages and Flash animations.

I was responsible for creating the HTML for the entire site, and all the dynamic information through ASP and Microsoft SQL Server.


BillingZone wanted to give their EIPP system a larger presence on the Web. Their existing information site was more of an afterthought of the BillingZone service and was stuck on the service's secure server where search engines couldn't reach it to index it.

The new site ( is greatly expanded and has a different look and feel from the service. Most importantly, the site can now be reached by search engines, allowing potential clients to find them in a Web search. I created all the HTML and JavaScript for the site; one of the other Web programmers wrote the Perl scripts.

CellSpace Application Notes

Cellomics created a Java-based research application called CellSpace ( Due to the program's broad reach, it was rather complicated and required a user's manual. Rather than ship a book to each registrant, Cellomics opted instead to put a guide online that could be viewed as the program ran. The guide leads users through the process, step by step, using basic searches as examples.

The HTML was fairly straightforward, with the only restriction being the initial size of the popup window the guide runs in.

Mylan 2001 Annual Report

Due to the rapid turnaround involved, the Mylan annual report was usually a tag-team job -- I would usually create and populate the financial tables while one of the other Web developers laid out the HTML and copied the introductory and explanatory text.

Other than the need for 100% accuracy in converting the financial tables to HTML there really isn't much to it.

Mylan 2001 annual report location:

Mead Laserline

After hiring Brady Communications to recreate the packaging for their Laserline products, Mead decided that thet also wanted to revamp the line's Web site ( The site ties into their product database, allowing consumers to order products directly.

There are two versions of the site -- a Flash site that one of the multimedia people wrote, and an HTML version based on the Flash that I assembled.

Sigma Tau Gamma Alumni

A little while ago the alumni association from my fraternity bought a domain so it could have its own presence on the Web. This was the first site that I designed, in addition to creating all the HTML and writing all the PHP code for.

In addition to electronic copies of old newsletters, the site has a password-protected section to allow alumni to find others' contact information.

Quad-C Management

Quad-C (, and equity-management company like PNC Equity, wanted a simple Web site to allow potential clients/partners to get to know the business. They also wanted a small file exchange to allow them to post documents for their limited partners. I wrote the main site and SSIs; another Web programmer wrote the file exchange.

Innovative Resource Group

Innovative Resource Group ( originally had someone write their site entirely in Flash. They quickly found out that this made the site difficult to maintain. They asked me to recreate the design and navigation in regular HTML. Now they can update any page as needed. As an added bonus the download is limited only to the requested pages instead of a visitor having to download the entire site at once, as happened with the Flash site.

Note: IRG has since merged with eJiva. The IRG site no longer exists.


PNC Equity Management

PNC Equity (, a member of PNC Financial Group, was forced to update their site when the parent company altered its corporate branding. In the process of updating, we also removed an old, proprietary scripting language from the site and replaced it with regular HTML.

The site was one of my early experiments with a completely CSS-based layout; a few alterations were made for version-four browsers that didn't support everything.

Carnegie Library 1999 Annual Report

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's annual report ( is much more low-key than, say, Mylan's. Since there are no shareholders the in-depth financial information is gone, making the report much smaller. The report istself is HTML-only, written by me.

Mylan 2000 Annual Report

This was the first annual report I helped create. There is very little other than HTML -- just a JavaScript function to move users to the pages they select from a menu -- but as always with an annual report, time was of the essence. I worked on the financial tables while a co-worker created the layouts and text pages. Instead of simply copying a template from previous years I updated the pages to use CSS for typography instead of the older, deprecated, space-consuming <font> tags.

Mylan 2000 annual report location:

Taro Pharmaceutical Industries

Taro has bases of operations in four countries -- the U.S., Canada, Israel and the U.K. -- as well as a worldwide subsidiary in New York, and wanted a unified look and feel throught their sites. The basic design was the same, with color changes identifying the country that the user is currently viewing.

Creating the HTML was easier than it originally seemed -- the sites were all clones of each other, with only changes in color. I was still new at Brady Communications when this site was written, and didn't have any CGI-scripting experience, so the scripts on this site were written by another Web programmer.