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Below are the skills I can bring to a Web project. Links are to the portfolio entry for the given site.

PHP Scripting Language

Very popular with Linux-based sites, PHP provides a Perl-like scripting language that includes database connectivity. I have been working with PHP since 2000.


ASP Scripting

ASP, based on VBScript, is the scripting environment that comes with Microsoft's Web server. I have been working with it since 1999.



JavaScript was invented by Netscape to give Web pages a means of interacting directly with the user. Effects such as self-validating forms, image "rollovers," popup windows, dynamic menus and slide shows can all be created with this versatile language. I have been using JavaScript since 1999.



When the same type of information appears over and over, that's usually a sign that a database is needed. I've been working with databases such as MySQL, Access and SQL Server since 1999.



I have been working with HTML since 1994. As it has grown more useful and adaptable I have kept myself current. When creating pages I strive to make them comply with the HTML 4.01 standard -- it's the most likely to be viewable across multiple browsers -- while maintaining as small a download as possible.


Any page in the portfolio.

Cascading Style Sheets

Style sheets allow Web pages to specify a look very precisely and, since the information can be stored in a file for re-use, lower download times by a large degree. As older browsers, such as Netscape 4, are phased out CSS will become more and more prevalent and files will become smaller as a result.


Any portfolio entry will contain style sheets, but the best examples are:

as (almost) every aspect of their display is governed solely by CSS.


I tend to favor simpler designs over graphics-heavy layouts, but that's just a personal preference. In my career I've usually had designs that others created to implement; I was usually consulted only to make sure a given layout was feasible. When given the chance however, I am very pleased with the designs I create, plain as they may be.