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Portfolio Entry: Bone Tissue Engineering Center Intranet

I made this site as a freelance Web Developer.

A friend learned of BTEC's problems with a purely HTML-based intranet: They were using it to store their lab notebook entries online, and with no programming available they were forced to save Word files as HTML and manually update the site. They wanted that to change.

Using my friend's design I created a PHP-based system to add and retrieve data from a MySQL database. Users have varying levels of permission to make changes and additions to various portion of the site, including creating notebook entries and projects, and editing user information. Site administrators can also allow guest (read-only) permissions to outside researchers with an interest in certain projects. The project is ongoing; this is Phase I.

If an aspect of a site's creation or programming is not listed here, that means I did not contribute to that portion of the site. I do not wish to take credit for other people's work. If you have any questions about this, please e-mail me.

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